Workshops For You - Mosaics


Adding a splash of expression, flair and colour into your home and garden is a great way to create a home that is distinctly yours. Mosaics are made from wondrous things.  When a favourite cup or plate is broken or a necklace that is long out of style, you will be able to give those treasured pieces a second life that will be a new beginning but the memories of yesterday will still live on!

Whether you choose to make a mosaic wall panel, or a mosaic table for your courtyard, your creativity will be admired by many. Your mosaic can be made from glass, tiles, beads, ceramics, mirrors and more and will be uniquely yours. Above left is Wendy's Santorini Donkey - just amazing! 

To get started and for information on Mosaic Classes in our studio, just fill in the GET IN TOUCH form in the Main Menu and start your journey of creativity. Please Note: Studio located in Wanneroo, Western Australia. You can contact me on 0411 841 945 or directly at