Yallingup Beach Glass Platter No19

Regular price $220.00

This Yallingup Beach Platter is for those who love the ocean, may have a home overlooking the water and for those who love to make a statement in their home with delicate blues.

From the moment you receive your Yallingup Beach Platter, you will be able to visualize the waves as they roll in across the shore. This is a unique ‘one only’ glass piece and will not be repeated and makes an ideal wedding gift, birthday present or just for you! 

The Yallingup Beach Platter looks amazing when displayed on a stand or takes centre stage when placed flat on a table.  You can ‘wow’ your guests when using this platter to serve savouries or sweets at dinner or afternoon tea.Crafted from beautiful Bullseye Glass, embellished with Dichroic Glass and Glass Stringer, your Yallingup Beach Platter will look just as vibrant for years to come.

  • Measures 40cms x 40cms.
  • Yours for $220

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